Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April; The month of my birth came with its own goodies

Birthdays are special days for many people. Some choose to celebrate it in a special way while others simply let it slip by. Some say it’s an emotional day reminiscing about the past years and planning for the future.

Mine was one of a joyful one. At least some special friends of mine made sure it was so.

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday a week day and it rained on that day but that did not deter some of my friends to make my day a memorable one . Klenam and Yayra, ayekoo to you girls who made sure that day didn’t pass without some few glasses of drink and food. We made our way through the rain to AMPM, Villagio for our own private thing.

Day 2: 
On Friday night some old mates of mine from AUCC made my birthday another special one. Nana, Tamimu, Adiza and Klenam. I thank you so much for the drink up and time at Goldcoast especially to Nana/Millicent who masterminded this party.

Day 3: 
My girls got me down on this. It just wasn’t enough. We had a “Fufu Party” at my place after a long day combing the streets of Accra getting ready for the next day. Kate, Getty, Yayra, you ladies have been super amazing. Thanks a lot.

Day 4: 
The climax. After church we headed straight to Kokrobite for our own kind of beach party. Kuvuki was a beautiful and clean beach and we really had some wonderful photos to show that.


And Oh I got my cake and some bonfire and wasn’t spared some ponding to crown it all. Thanks a lot Klenam for getting your colleagues from work to give me that surprise. Kate and Yayra, thank you ladies as well for making the all the fun we had at the beach.

Many blessings to everyone for the best wishes, I sincerely do appreciate everything and wish you same in many folds.

This new age is a black themed year for its meaning of Elegance, Power and Mystery. We are taking on new territories, new adventures.

First, let's welcome May!

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