Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Getting Beyond the Runway: A Designer's Reality or Myth?

For many designers, fashion shows and fashion weeks are very essential seasons they work towards all year through. They hustle earnestly in anticipation for all the glitz, glamour and the pomp associated with fashion shows and weeks. Thus, to have the platform to showcase their creativity and best designs to all who matter in the fashion industry.

In Ghana, many fashion shows have been organized over the years and each year designers are looking forward to cashing in on such opportunities. The likes of Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Ghana Fashion and Design Week and a few other fashion shows have gain lots to media attention in recent years.

An ideal fashion week and fashion show targets fashion editors, bloggers, fashion photographers, stylists, fashion publicists, buyers, celebrities and the likes.

Yes I would agree it feels awesome to be accompanied by these tall intensely looking but thinly gorgeous models after your designs have been showcased and then you have all the guests applaud. I know that sounds like I have been there before!

But after all said and done, the question is how do you get your fashion brand beyond the runway. What happens after the fashion show and fashion week? Do these fashion events have to offer to your brand?

As I mentioned earlier, an ideal fashion show and fashion week targets specific people for a reason; to converge all industry players to one place to create business and network opportunities.
Fashion Editors are very important people at fashion events. They influence fashion content and trends for publication in magazine, website, newspaper and television programs. They are most likely to leave such places with ideas on what their next issue will be about.

Fashion Bloggers are give visibility to your brand and design by writing and reviewing them. They can even go the extra mile to do series of features about your brand which will keep you in the spotlight for who knows how long.

Stylists are also very important at fashion shows. They have relationship with celebrities and fashion editors and are trend savvy people. During fashion shows, they have the opportunity to make decisions on what designs to use in styling their clients and also when having photo shoots for celebrities, fashion magazines, music videos etc

Fashion Publicists have also become important people in the fashion industry. Their work is to connect industry players to your brand through media relations, celebrity relations, consumer driven events to give you the right exposure that will attract buzz around your brand for years to come. They also ensure that they advise you on sustainable ways to engage your brand using effective PR strategies and tactics.

Fashion Photographers are there to show off designer’s creations. Their aim at a fashion event is to get the best shots of your designs which could be used to tell different beautiful stories about your brand. 

Buyers attend fashion shows because they influence what items will be stocked in shops based on their observations and predictions on trends.

Celebrities at fashion shows add glitz and glamour to the event. However, they also play very significant  roles beyond the runway such as having first hand exposure to the designers which could be followed by brand endorsements, requesting for some of the designs for their photo shoots, red carpet events, media appearance etc. 

Fashion weeks and shows are not for friends and families. They are business platforms for participants to make the most out of.

To organizers of fashion shows and fashion weeks, ensure that you invite these influential people to your event in order to give participating designers the best business platform to build on beyond the runway.

And to participating designers at fashion shows, a lot happens after the runway which you need to capitalize on so go for it and grow your brand. Whether a reality or a myth, you’ve got to make the most out of it.

If I did leave some other important personality at fashion shows, feel free to comment below.

 Faith Senam Ocloo

E’April Public Relations
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