Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A day at 2nd Image International

Speaking to a cross section of the students
8th March was celebrated all over the world especially by women. For many others, it was the time to highlight and put the spotlight on women who have been doing awesome work in their chosen profession. Some were recognised and encouraged to do more whereas others were inspired to attain such feat and even more in the near future.

For me, it was an opportunity to engage girls at the 2nd Image International speaking to them about the "Importance of Public Relations to Fashion/Beauty Brands". Encouraging them to take what they learn seriously and make profitable businesses and distinct brands after school.

Interestingly, the school is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and Graduation this weekend. I wish them all the best especially the graduands. 

My team and I will be doing this often. We look forward to our next Fashion or beauty school visit.

Faith Senam Ocloo 
Fashion Public Relations Consultant
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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Striking Work, Marriage, Motherhood and Life Balance: Kudos to the Today’s Woman

Some few months back, I sat among 2 of my female colleagues who got busy stucked in a conversation because they shared something I could barely relate to, or let me better say I am not there yet.

The conversation started when I asked why one was late to work and she said, it was because her 8 months old daughter wasn’t well that morning and she needed to stay longer to monitor her condition before leaving the house. This simple question fueled about an hour chit chat with my 2 colleagues. I ended up listening with admiration as they called out their day to day task as 21st Century women juggling between work, marriage, motherhood and life.

What do these ladies have in common? They have both been married for a little over 3 years, have children, work 9 hours just like me and sometimes even on weekends, have husbands, have friends, have family responsibilities and social lives.
Being women, I know you won’t be surprised they talked about all these within that short period. While that conversation was going on, I sunk deep in thought and began to appreciate what they are going through. This March, I salute all women who are balancing work, marriage, motherhood and life!

Work! A today’s woman has to work or rather needs to work. She needs to earn to support the home and her husband to pay the bills and take care of the family. While at work, she has targets. She is not given less because she is a woman. She works her way up to become a woman of influence and substance in her organization. She is a today’s woman. A big thumbs up to all women who are making strides in their chosen career.

Marriage! We can all testify that marriage today is no small joke. There are lots to divorce because the institution of marriage is not for the faint and weak at heart. Once married, your husband becomes your responsibility. He needs your support in every way possible. Financially, morally, spiritually, socially and most importantly sexually. All these are necessary to keep your marriage going. In an attempt to leave one out or pay less attention to any of these could cost you severely. Good job to all women making their marriages stand tall to the admiration of others amidst all the challenges!

Motherhood! Motherhood is just another form of employment. It involves a whole lot. You start learning from the very day you get pregnant till when your child is born. You are sick when your child is sick, you are happy when he or she is happy. It’s more than just having a child. It’s raising your child the best way possible that they become responsible people. You never stop being a mother no matter how old your children grow, you will always be a mother. A big ups to all mothers putting a smile on a child’s face and supporting the young ones the best way they can!

Life! This last pillar looks the easiest but the most challenging. Beyond all these 3 earlier mentioned is YOU. Yourself! Having time for yourself. Doing what makes you happy. Taking care of your health, your inner joy, your ambitions, your personal and career goals. Amidst all these is having time for yourself to do the things that will make you happy. It could be watching movies, taking a vacation, shopping, hanging out with friends. It’s also about taking time to build yourself and learn. Your life is what you have, live it well. Kudus to every woman who has self-love and won’t let no one doubt her possibilities.

Happy International Women’s Day to all amazing women of our time!

Faith Senam Ocloo 
Fashion Public Relations 
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