Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Fashion Public Relations

Fashion Public Relations refers to publicity for fashion brands, designers or fashion shops. PR Professionals work in a wide range of industries. Whereas some represent a variety of companies across a range of areas others are more specific to one industry eg. Finance, Public Sector, Fashion etc.

 Whatever their specialty, PR companies are paid to gain publicity for their clients and brands. Since publicity is free, a fashion PR company or executive would be responsible for;

  • Writing captivating pitches, distributing and following up on press releases to media houses.
  • Building relationship with the press in order to have them write articles about your client.
  • Organizing promotional events, shows and photo shoots that will improve the visibility of your      client and make the brand stand out.
  • Help to maintain a good public image for the brand.
  • Assist with marketing initiatives and overall mission of the brand.
  • Dealing with requests from the press, the public and celebrity endorsements.

In recent times, established and emerging fashion businesses are competing for pages in renowned publications and runways all over the world making public relations one of the most important tool for the fashion industry.

Faith Senam Ocloo
E’April Public Relations
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Photosource: Apag Photography

Friday, 3 January 2014


As an emerging designer or creative person, it is not enough to have your designs on the runway and think that is sufficient for your business growth. Remember you are not the only one displaying your creativity during one fashion week season to the other. The question is how do you keep your brand in the minds of buyers and editors wherever and whenever amidst stiff competition. Here are three reasons you should be reaching for a PR Agency for your business now.

1. Strong Brand Profile

Being an emerging designer, you undoubtedly have a low brand profile. You are faced with several challenges as a result of being new in the market. Reaching out for a PR Professional will create an entire brand identity for your business and set your label apart and be memorable to buyers and editors.

2. Protect and Build Relationship

Hire a PR agency if you want to protect, build and enhance your reputation for your business. Public Relations Professionals are known for being experts in managing relationships with stakeholders. They will bring their expertise on analyzing your business and design strategic messages for your target market using appropriate media channels.

3. Strengthen your Online Presence

Technology is taking over every industry and the fashion industry is no exception. Building your business presence online with all players in your industry can strengthen your brand as a fashion designer. With Digital PR you don’t always need to rely on the traditional media outlets as your loudest platform; you can directly reach consumers via twitter, facebook, instagram and emails. Applying consistent and authentic messages can improve your brand visibility and expand your business.

Faith Senam Ocloo
E’April Public Relations
Follow me on twitter @eaprilPR and @faithsenam