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Friday, 28 December 2018

12 Fashion Brands in Ghana that pushed the PR Button in 2018

 For any brand to be visible and talked about for all the right reasons, then they must be doing something amazing. The fashion space this year has witnessed quite a number of fashion events at different times which has open up to more opportunities for designers to increasingly generate more visibility and buzz for their brand.

I would share my twelve 12 fashion brands in Ghana that have this year pushed the PR button in 2018 by way of creating brand presence both online and offline through fashion events and shows, collection launch, collaborations, celebrity placements, media features, awards and social media presence amongst others. I would start with;

Christie Brown
I’m sure I won’t be wrong if I say, Christie Brown is one of the most admired and respected fashion brand in Ghana.  Celebrating their 10th anniversary with a fashion event at the plush Kempinski hotel earlier this year, one would have expected them to be content because they are known globally but on the contrary. They work as hard to keep the brand visible at the right places. Their online presence has been feeding followers with breath-taking designs and fashion inspirations. This year, they also launched their captivating SS18 Collection called “Conscience”.  
During the Mother’s Day celebration, they collaborated with some fashion creatives to outdoor a campaign that appreciates their clients who are mothers. They were featured in an editorial with Maria Borges for Nigeria’s Schick Magazine.
Christie Brown also participated at the SheTrades event in New York and won the African Designer of the Year at the Glitz Style Awards 2018.  This definitely looks like a great year for the brand as they continuously work to expand the CB brand.

Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako 
Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako is a menswear fashion brand. The designer was selected by African Fashion Fund in the #TailoredAfrica2018 Project and had the opportunity to showcase their collection at the Paris Fashion Week and also showcased at the fashion show held in honor of their Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their royal visit to Ghana.
The designer was awarded the Designer of the Year at the EMY Awards and nominated as the Menswear Designer at the Glitz Style Awards. With a tall list of celebrities and public figures on their clientele, Chocolate has earned a spot as one of the Ghanaian designers that has garnered global attention and media buzz including styling Jamal Lyon of Empire fame and features on Vogue, BBC Africa, Congo Airways Magazine amongst others.

Mention traditional, weddings and red-carpet gowns and Pistis would certainly come to mind. They have continuously positioned themselves as the go-to designer for anything within that specification. This for me is a brand that understands that finding your niche and being consistent is key. Even though at the beginning of the year, they introduced a new line called “Melange by Pistis” which I believe caters for the RTW line, it obviously wasn’t able to overtake what they are known for.
Within the year, they also collaborated with creatives such as award-winning Makeup Artists Valerie Lawson to create the CVL Campaign. You are most likely to find a celebrity or public figure in a Pistis gown at any major event in Ghana. Among their tall list of personalities include the 2nd Lady Samira Bawumia, Naa Ashorkor, Joselyn Dumas and a host of many others.
Pistis was spotted on the cover of Dreams Wedding Magazine which featured Joselyn Dumas as the Cover star. This brand obviously continues to dominate the bridal and red-carpet gown space and it looks like they aren’t backing down anytime soon.

Atto Tetteh
Speak about urban menswear brand in Ghana and no doubt Atto Tetteh would be listed. Slowly, slowly, Atto Tetteh is creeping into the fibre of Ghanaian fashion industry to become one of the favs for many fashion enthusiasts. Earlier this year, they launched their new collection called “Patched 18” which featured a wide range of beautiful pieces for both men and women.
They also participated in SA Menswear Week in South Africa where they shot editorial campaigns with other creatives for their collection. The likes of Manifest, Sarkodie, Ameyaw Debrah, Okyeame Kwame and a host of others have all be spotted in an Atto Tetteh.
They crowned the year winning the Menswear Designer of the Year at Glitz Style Awards. I see this brand making greater strides in the coming year.

Selinabeb is an accessory brand. Earlier this year, the designer showcased at New Orleans Fashion Week which was featured on major media platforms across the country. She has been one of the Ghanaian designers that has garnered a lot of media features through interviews, fashion shows and exhibitions.
She participated in Glitz Africa Fashion Week where she showcased her “Mama Africa” Collection in honor of her late mother and has exhibited at several trade events both in Ghana and outside Ghana.
The brand received 2 nominations this year at both Glitz Style Awards and Accra Fashion Week Awards as the Accessory brand of the Year. Personalities such as Nicole Parker, Dentaa, Nikki Samonas, Kokui Selormey, Bozoma Saint John and many others have been spotted carrying a Selinabeb clutch or handbag.
Though a challenging year for Selinabeb, she has managed to keep the brand visible and one can only be confident of a greater year in 2019.

Velma Accessories
This year has been a great one for Velma’s Accessories. Starting off the year with an exhibition in London at the ‘Great Hat Exhibition’ and going on to launch their spring collection during their Fashion Expose dubbed “Velma’s Garden” which also introduced their men’s hat collection.
Throughout the year, the brand has partnered several designers such as Ophelia Crossland, Christie Brown, Duaba Serwa, Lauren Haute Couture amongst others to launch editorial campaigns. They also participated in the Radiance Wedding Fair and later launched their AW18 Collection “Sheisaqueen” Collection which was showcased during the Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2018.
Velma was crowned the Accessory Designer of the Year at the 2018 Glitz Style Awards and have secured a number of media features including being featured in Nigeria’s Pleasures Magazine.

Sima Brew
We have all come to know and love the Sima Brew brand. Known to create very detailed and stunning looks with each piece, the designer continues to shine through several campaigns they have launched in the year.
Starting off the year, she was out doored at a media event by Zylofon Media as the Fashion Icon and Representative for the label. This year, the brand launched 3 Collections. The “Dream Collection” which featured Berla Mundi in a number of Bridal Gowns, “Timeless Collection” which featured Selly Galley in striking dresses and gowns and then the “Obaapa Collection” which featured Empress Jamilla in Traditional Kente Inspired Gowns.
Sima Brew also opened its own Sima Brew Fashion Business Faculty. They were nominated for an international Achievement Recognition Awards as Best Female Designer 2018 and showcased at the London Fashion Week Runway. It’s been a great year for Sima Brew as they are constantly on our feeds and timelines feeding us with new and exquisite designs.

Abrantie the Gentleman
Abrantie The Gentleman is not new to pushing the PR button each year. Especially for the designer, you are most likely to see him at every major fashion related event happening in the country. Similarly, he engages in interviews and speaking opportunities all of which are strategic ways to keep the brand visible.
This year, they participated at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Accra where they showcased the “Grey of Greatness” Collection and had earlier outdoored the ‘NAA 345 Collection’. His bespoke suits and traditional wears are the go-to for any would be groom and has collaborated with Vlisco to create designs for their showroom.
They were nominated as the Menswear Designer of the Year at the Glitz Style Awards.

Ophelia Crossland
Being the Swarovski West African Ambassador for the past few years, this brand has become a force to reckon with when it comes luxury and haute couture in Ghana. Earlier this year, she was selected among few international designers to display her gowns at the Swarovski Exhibition in Dubai.
Ophelia Crossland won Womenswear designer of the year at the Glitz Style Awards and also showcased their “Ethreal” Ready to Wear Collection at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week as well as participated at the Wedding Radiance Fair.
They launched a series of stunning collections among which were the “Malaika Collection” and the “Wedding Guest” Campaign.

Charlotte Prive
 Charlotte Prive this year has been working to project another value of the brand which is one that is sustainable and dedicated to making change in the environment. Earlier in the year, they partnered with Water Aid Ghana to produce a collection dubbed “Fashion for Change”. The designer also organised a masterclass which was aimed at helping designers build careers in fashion design.
They held their 2nd edition of “My Christmas Wish” fashion show which attracted many fashion enthusiasts and customers and have had an active social media presence which constantly fed our timelines with what they are up to and who they are engaging.

Call him the new kid on the block. He may be young in the industry but this year has been a good year for the brand. You are most likely to guess right when you spot a Yartel piece especially because of the choice of fabric and design silhouette. A good number of celebrities that have been seen in a Yartel among which are the 2nd Lady Samira Bawumia, Becca, Zynnel Zuh, Sandra Ankobia, Efya, Claudia Lumor, Joselyn Dumas, Anita Erskine and a host of many others.
Yartel pieces were featured on two magazine covers, Glitz Africa Magazine and Agoo Magazine and won the emerging designer of the Year at the Glitz Style Awards 2018. They also debuted their collection during the Glitz Africa Fashion Week. With such remarkable brand positioning for this year, 2019 can only get better for this brand.

Wear Ghana
Wear Ghana brand may be synonymous to “Wear Ghana” campaign but what has gained a lot of traction is the “GIGI Collection” by the brand. The GIGI which was launched few years back has come to stay as their signature piece. Currently available in different styles and colors, you are likely to identify a GIGI when you do see one. They have also partnered organisations, individuals and churches to customise their own GIGI which I think is a brilliant strategy. Personalities such as Lucy Quist, Esther Cobbah, Boris Kodjoe, Bozoma Saint John, Okyeame Kwame and your everyday person is spotted in a GIGI.
Their social media engagement strategy has been very impressive and this has turned friends and clients into loyal customers and ambassadors.  Wear Ghana also organises period activities such as “Free Ur Style Friday” and Corporate Tours in collaboration with other creatives as a way to connect with customers who share a common interest in fashion, music and dance. Their brand visibility and strategy this year is commendable and worth noting.

Expectations for 2019

Going into 2019, I wish designers and fashion entrepreneurs would understand that every effort they make would go a long way to create their brand image which doesn’t happen by chance. They need to be creative, research and know about the industry they work in and understand the business of fashion, create unique brand identity, invest in Public Relations to promote their work.  Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to a an awesome new year.

This post was originally published on the Business and Financial Newspaper on 21/12/2018

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

I've been speaking at YALI and UPSA about how I started in Fashion PR

Taking our turn to share our story
In the last few weeks, I have had the privilege to speak at two events targeting young entrepreneurs and students. 

The most recent one was last week when I had the opportunity to share my journey into Fashion Public Relations (PR) with participants at the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) programme at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

When a friend Naa Adjeley Konney of TrendsnBlendsgh asked if she could save a slot for me because she was assigned to invite 5 Entrepreneurs/Influencers who would experience YALI for a day and also have the opportunity to interact with participants about how they started and got to where they are now, I hesitated for a minute. 

So I asked her if she thinks I fit in, she said "I think you do, You run a Fashion PR, that's huge". Then I thought to myself, how is it that, I always think what I do is so small and not worth sharing. It's been 6 years since I founded e'april public relations.  

I agreed, and I'm glad I did.  It was a great learning experience for me. Aside sharing my journey as a PR person in Fashion, I also had the opportunity to learn a few things from the training.  

I also had the opportunity to listen to amazing stories from other women such as Evita Joseph, founder of Evita Joseph Beauty and Fashion Blogger, lavanita.

The other speaking engagement I had few weeks back was at the University of Professional Studies' "Time with the Practitioners" event organised by the Public Relations Management Students Association (PReMSA). This event was targeted at PR students who have had many questions with regards to what practicing PR was like and jobs prospects after school.
I shared the platform with fellow PR practitioners Paa Kwesi Forson (Head of PR, Global Media Alliance) and Abigail Naa Karley Clegg (PR Freelancer).

Speakers and Lecturers at UPSA

Being students studying Public Relations, I could related to what would be going through their minds as students on what career choices are available to them after graduation.

As professionals, we gave them our guides on what little things they can do differently that can keep them ahead of others looking for the same job opportunities. 

Particularly in my case, they should create their own jobs if they can't seem to find what they are looking for or are not being hired.  

I took the opportunity to share how I found my niche in PR by combining my skills as a PR person to my passion which is Fashion to build a career as a Fashion PR Specialist.

To any student or young PR professional looking to find their place in PR, remember that just like mine, it takes time, research, self-searching and hard work to find what you are passionate and do what you love.

The key to loving what you do is identifying what you’re good at and matching it with what you’re passionate about. 

What skills set do you have? See how you can match that with something you enjoy doing or you are passionate about.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Celebrating 100+ Articles in 2 years as a Fashion Columnist with the B&FT

“The great victory, which appears so simple today, was the result of a series of small victories that went unnoticed” Paulo Coelho

Today, I am counting my over 100 articles as a Fashion Columnist with the Business and Financial Times Newspaper (the leading financial newspaper in Ghana) since starting out in July 2016.

Maybe I should tell you how it all started.

I started this blog in October 2011 (yes, it's been 7 years now) when I discovered the career path I wanted to chart; pursue a career in Fashion PR. As a fresh graduate from the African University College of Communications, I wasn’t sure what next for me after my graduation as I was by then working as a Cashier with Tigo Ghana (now Airtel Tigo). I wanted a job in PR but no one will hire me because I didn’t have experience in PR.

I decided to start a blog where I can share my experiences and ideas on how PR could be helpful for Fashion brands. Among topics I wrote on included Creating a Fashion Brand Identity, building your Beauty Brand Using PR amongst others. Even if it was once or twice a month, I was writing.

By mid-2016, I had resigned from my job with Global Media Alliance and was ready to take on a solo path which means taking this blogging to a different level.  

But guess what, I met Bernard Ashiadey one day at a Fashion Event. (Something you will mostly find me doing). We talked and he said “Oh Faith, what do you think if you could be writing on Fashion for the B&FT on Fridays. Since I handle the Lifestyle insert on Fridays, it could be a perfect fit” I couldn’t believe it, yes I had just been handed this opportunity that you have no idea I had been meaning to go ask for.

I had my first published column in July 2016 and since then, my article has been published each week.

I named my Column “Fashion & More with Faith Senam” to cover all fashion, beauty and lifestyle related event or activity. I have written and featured over 100 articles so far and counting.

Honestly, there were few times I nearly gave up because I thought I had exhausted everything I wanted to write about and had writer's block. Also because of some of the frustrating moments when I reached out to designers to feature them and they would simply ignore me or won’t send me the information needed and my submission deadline was due.

Now, I feel like I am ready to take this to another level because there is a lot to say, know and learn about within the fashion space. I review events I attend and share my thoughts on issues affecting fashion businesses. I am looking forward to growing this into a great and informative platform and powerhouse. (watch out)

If you have an amazing brand, event or wants to launch your new collection or product or need some reviews done for you, hit me up via email at

Congratulations to me and cheers to us working together in the future. 

Faith Senam Ocloo
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Introduce Public Relations in Fashion Education

Public Relations has played a primary role in the business of fashion and how fashion brands have evolved overtime. It has also help them gain entry onto various media channels which has intensified with the advent of social media.

At the recent edition of “In Style Series” held by Dreams College of Creative Arts (DCCA), I had the opportunity to speak to fashion students and reiterate the importance of PR in the development and growth of fashion brands.

The discussion around the “Essence of PR in Fashion” falls under the schools’ Fashion Law, Media and Production course which is aimed at educating students on other aspects of fashion beyond garment designing. 

Dr. Clement Asemrenya, President of DCCA at the talk series explained why he decided to introduce Fashion PR in his course syllabus saying “There was a time when I thought all that mattered in fashion was the designing of cloths. But I have discovered that PR is an essential part of the fashion industry. In fact, it is necessary across all industries in order for a company or organization to become successful and the fashion industry is no exception”

He adds that, “Fashion Education is meant to prepare students for life after school. Understanding the business aspect of the profession is as essential as the garment design process. PR knowledge in Fashion education enables emerging designers to understand how to build their brands, be equipped to make the necessary day to day decisions that can help their brands break through the international world”

I couldn’t agree better as PR’s role in today’s brand growth is undisputed. From large brands to emerging brands, PR needs to be part of the process from the beginning. It helps emerging designers to get things right and build a solid foundation for the brand to grow on.

The basic understanding of Public Relations is the management of a brands reputation and building mutually beneficial relationships. With that said, fashion brands are no exception when it comes to building reputable brands. Mind you the fashion industry is worth millions of dollars with so many other brands competing for almost the same kind of customer base. You need to create brands that are authentic, that have a unique story and one that people can connect with. 

This is achievable when students have a good understanding that what they produce, say and wear all works to create a brand.

In the event emerging designers can’t afford the services of a PR representative or agency to manage its PR needs, it becomes feasible to do it yourself because of the education and understanding you have acquired about its importance.  

Doing it yourself includes ensuring that you understand the business side of the industry you are in. Know your product inside out and able to speak to it. Have a story and craft your messages in a unique way that people can connect with. Identify what your target market is and how to reach them. Which media platforms are best to reach these targets. Understanding all these helps you create a recognizable brand and ready for PR values to take effect on your business when the timing is right and the brand is business ready. Just so that, when you can afford to bring on board a professional, it takes off smoothly.

Adding my voice to this call, I urge fashion institutions to include PR in their syllabus as it helps in adequately preparing students not just in fashion designing but also running successful fashion brands that have distinct signatures and that have the ability to break through international markets.

With Dr. Clement Asemnrya, President of DCCA

This article was originally published in the Business & Financial Times Newspaper on the 14/09/2018

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

6 Lessons Women in PR Ghana Summit 2018 Taught Me

Women in PR Ghana Summit 2018 may have been over but not without me picking up a few lessons. This year’s event was a success. Yes, I’m glad to say that because we had a room full of amazing PR professionals at different levels of their career path and Students . It was inspiring and empowering as we had worked and researched well to have seasoned Speakers and Panel of our time who were willing to share and impart knowledge to us.

Here are few lessons I learnt along the way:

God will plant the right people your way

This year has been one of a kind. From getting our main guest Speaker Thabisile Phumo who accepted our invitation and fully sponsored her trip to Ghana. God made sure we found favor at most important places.  Afia Drah (PR Head at Trust Hospital) spoke to me about inviting her for this year’s event even when we had no sponsorship for her flight and accommodation. I put my name (Faith) to work and said okay and sent the invitation. How we got the rest of the Speakers and Panelists, I can only say, God makes a way always.

People will support your dreams if you first believe in it

Few years back when I thought of starting Women in PR Ghana, I engaged a few people to seek their counsel before starting out. I have been blessed with so many people along the way who sincerely wanted to see this grow. Even though I knew what I wanted to do with it, I wasn’t fully clear how I was going to achieve that. Engaging the right people got me to make those moves that has brought WiPR Ghana where it is today. I haven’t stopped because every now and then, I am blessed with people who encourage me, advise and support me and some who have identified with it and join in to build this brand.

Not everyone will actually buy into your idea

Starting out, I was certain this was a great idea because it was a women related event. You know how we say women empowerment and we presume everything along that will fall into place. That wasn’t the case. In several instances, we identified companies and individuals we knew in one way or the other will benefit from this unique platform but unfortunately, I heard several No! It's not everyone who thinks Women in PR Ghana will be useful to them today or tomorrow. In fact, its not there to serve everyone. I had to learn to accept the No answers because its not everyone who will buy into your idea. It’s normal!

Don't Worry 

A lot of times, I find myself troubled because of the No's and when things aren't taking shape as I hope for. This phrase I often hear from Paulina Kuranchie. Anytime I fret over an issue or a challenge, she constantly reminds me not to worry as things will work out well. Her very words “Faith, don’t worry, things will work out and you will see”. I find such words a lot of times timely because I mostly worry about things that are beyond me. Eventually, we get past it and move on. In God's time, things always fall in place so don't worry as this too shall pass.

People will wait to see it grow first

You know how you start something and people are not sure so they don’t want to be associated with it because it may affect their image or brand. Yes! That’s how I feel sometimes when I speak about WiPR to others. They are not sure and so wouldn’t want to sponsor or accept to speak. I’m sure by the time we hit the third, fourth or fifth event and standing strong, we won’t struggle to get people and companies to be on board.  

Your true friends support you first

One of the amazing experiences I have had especially starting out Women in PR Ghana was the encouragement and support I have had from people I am proud to call friends. They wouldn’t just attend the event to support, but personally contribute to make each year’s event a success. As we decided to make this 2nd year’s event a FREE to Attend, and with little sponsorship coming from Corporate Organization, financial contributions from friends and some WiPR were very helpful to take care of the cost of the venue (partly sponsored by the hotel) snacks, planning and execution (Setup, Media, Brand and Printing materials, transportation etc)

Lastly, Women in PR Ghana has had great support from Day 1. To Sadat, Bridget, Paulina, Afia, Nana Glover, Millicent, Nana Mensah, Gameli were there through it holding the event down till e Etornam and Yvonne were keenly in charge of the social Media pages while Benedicta handled the Registrations and Judith handled the Guests. Also, with support from Excelsis and Vibelens for the videos, Presentation Plus for all the Screens and Event support Service, we did again pull off another remarkable event. And to my girlfriends Kate, Getty, Klenam and Yayra who aren't into PR but have attended both events and have been extremely supportive from the very start, I say i'm thankful.

I’m humbled by these lessons and support while I look forward to the next activities we will embark on in the course of the year.  I’m open to suggestions your on how we can move this community to greater heights.

The vision for Women in PR Ghana is big and I’m certain we will achieve it together.

Photo Credit by my very supportive Enoch (Faithfulspirit Photography) and Daniel (Sniper Studios).

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Engaging a Brand Ambassador for your next Fashion Campaign

Choosing a Brand Ambassador for a campaign, product or a company can be a daunting task to undertake. The success of your engagement with a brand ambassador will be measured by your overall campaign goal. Over the years, we have seen companies engage several personalities from various industries such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle and business for one campaign or the other.

It is evident that brand ambassadors play very vital roles in influencing consumer perception, promotional strategies. Studies have over 70% of brand perception by consumers is determined by the experience with an individual representative of the brand.

They are either engaged to become the face of a particular product, a campaign or a company by leveraging on their personality and following both online and offline to influence, communicate, promote or drive consumers to action. These partnerships most times are meant to increase awareness and generate consumer appeal, trust and possibly eventual purchase depending on the ultimate goal of the campaign.

In some instances, things could get out of hand with a brand ambassador which could have dire consequences on the company’s reputation and in turn affect the company’s revenue.

In avoidance of any crisis and damages, companies and brand managers need to consider the following in deciding who, why and how they should sign up that brand ambassador.

Do a thorough research

Before ever settling on who to engage for a brand ambassador role, make sure to do a thorough background check of who the person is. Know who they are, what they do, what they represent and their values. Review their history and past affiliations with other brands. Be sure the person has a good track record that will make consumers trust him or her and which will certainly be translated onto your product. Consider someone who is trust worthy and can represent your brand at all times. Your research should also answer questions such as; Does he or she appeal to your target market? Does the person have tendency to drive consumer decision to purchase? Once these are answered in the affirmative, then you are good to go.

Consider someone who is media and consumer friendly

Brand ambassadors must be media-friendly and relate to all persons across board. They must be able to answer questions about your product and speak confidently and directly about your brand to the media and also help you in achieving your entire communication and brand goal. Additionally, they should be able to properly deliver your message to the right target market. Being in a social media and technological era, it will be an added advantage to have someone who has a good following and engagement on social media.

Clearly state his or her scope of work

Once you have settled on who you want to sign up for as your brand ambassador, clearly spell out their scope of work in a written document that binds his or her deliverables, timelines, and KPI’s etc. With this done, the brand ambassador understands the magnitude and scope of the work before work commences.

Provide detailed Messaging Guide

Providing them with a messaging guide will be in place to ensure that they know what to say, when to say it and which medium they ought to say it. A messaging guide also sees to it that the right information being conveyed to your intended target market. The messaging should be relateable and done to reflect the personality’s way of doing and saying things, that way its original as possible.

Sign a Memorandum of Understanding or Contract

Having a binding document is very crucial when working with a brand ambassador for your business or product. Many a times, people do not take this aspect seriously and eventually find themselves in legal battles. The contract should clearly spell out the legal ramifications should either party default on their obligations as carried out in the binding document. Issues of exclusivity and default should all be clearly agreed upon before appending a signature onto the document. When not sure, do consult a legal practitioner to assist you on that.

Have a Crisis Communication Plan

No one expects a crisis in any business venture, but the unexpected always happens. It will be best to have a plan in place to deal with such issues rather than to be caught off guard and unprepared. A crisis communication plan will be a road map to guide you in dealing with any issue that will arise as a result of your partnership with the brand ambassador. It will direct how to manage and communicate your way out of the ‘mess’ created. A crisis management specialist can help you get a plan in place.

Photocredit: Google Image

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