Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dressing to Communicate

What we wear tells a lot about ourselves without having to open our mouth to do so. Communication is both a verbal and non-verbal way of transmitting information to another.
The way we dress does communicate. It tells a lot about us. What we are, who we are, what we want to say to others and what we do.
To dress means to wear clothes of a certain style or kind. To put on an apparel to befit a particular occasion or location. The kind of clothes we decide to wear could communication gender, social status, religion, culture and many others. Wearing clothes is one issue and wearing the right clothes at the right time is another. One cannot choose to dress anyhow to any function at anytime.
What we should always remember is that the kind of clothes we wear tells a lot about us hence we cannot afford to miscommunicate about ourselves to others.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My New Discovery for Fashion PR

My new discovery and interest for fashion PR may be new but its actually been there for ages and i never knew about it until a few months ago. It all started during my final year in the university when i started thinking about what i wanted to major in after my degree certificate. I wanted to be a Public Relations Professional but the question that always beat my mind was what in Public Relations do i want to be. I wanted a career that i was going to love and be satisfied with. 
Growing up with my mum, i spent lots of my time with her. She is a fashion designer and I mostly help her with her works especially the finishing works of her clients outfits. She also seeks my opinion on how and what appropriate styles will fit a particular fabric.Her clients would tell me that i was going to take after her because of my dedication to helping her with her works. Little did i know that that was going to be a reality.
Years have passed and now i want to be a fashion publicist. Some people can really predict the future without knowing.
This is just the beginning of my journey to a greater height.