Thursday, 12 October 2017

Selina Beb's Kente Collection

If there is one Ghanaian accessory brand that has transcended the borders of Ghana especially onto the European market, it certainly is Selina Beb. From the fine details of each piece to the quality and choice of fabric used, Selina Beb is definitely a proudly Ghanaian made brand.

Founded and designed by Selina Bebaako-Mensah, Selina Beb brand has grown to become one of the favorites for many fashion lovers and have over the past years proven to be a consistent accessory brand growing steadily to a household brand.
Launched in 2012, the brand is known for its colorful, rich and quality pieces ranging from bags, footwears, jewelry made for women, men and children.

Selina Beb is seen at almost all major fashion and trade events in Ghana and has also participated in many fashion shows in Ghana, London, USA, Italy and beyond.
At the recently held Neskael Corporate Show at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Ms Bebaako-Mensah as usual thrilled attendees when she outdoored her 2018 Collection called the Kente Collection.

With this year’s theme “Celebrating 60 years of rich Ghanaian culture & continuous economic growth through arts” the launch of the SB Kente Collection was timely as it gave the designer the opportunity to re-echo the ‘Kente’ fabric as a key part of our Ghanaian cultural heritage.

According to Ms. Bebaako-Mensah she was inspired to do a Kente collection based on the theme for this year’s Neskael Show. She added “I wanted to do something that is really truly Ghanaian, something that truly represents us as Ghanaians.”
Being an annual event organized by Neskael Travel and Tours, the event is aimed at showcasing Ghana’s cultural heritage and values through fashion.

The multiple award winning accessories designer brand has been recognized globally for making very beautiful African inspired pieces with this time round focusing more on doing something that is truly Ghanaian and one that reveals who we are as a people and she felt what better fabric could she used than our very own Kente.

This collection features the SB Bags in several variants and accessories handmade with the authentic Kente fabric as well as that of the Woodin designed kente fabric.
Selina Beb is a recipient of many awards with the most recent ones won at the Bi-Annual European & International Women Inventors (EIWIIN) Awards in Italy.

Selina Beb aims at making its customers feel like royalty when using their bespoke items. Products are made with genuine leather, high quality African wax prints, rare and unique beads and the best in raw materials that are all carefully handpicked by the designer to ensure the best possible final product.

Being a proudly made in Ghana, Selina Beb Bags, Footwear and Accessories are all made by hand and each item is made with the upmost effort, care and love.

With a blend of rich Ghanaian history and culture coupled with modern and innovative ways of making bespoke pieces, Selina Beb has become the go to for many Ghanaian accessory lovers.

Below are images of the new collection. You can shop these at their store located near PhotoClub, Osu or call 0543459000.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

An update kinda thing: Fashion PR duties

Representing Nadrey Laurent at the Instagram Runway Show during the SMWiAccra Week organised by Debonair Afrik
Wow! I can't believe it's almost 2 months since I last made a blogpost here.

You know the biblical saying the "the Spirit is willing but the body is weak" That's exactly what I am going through now. Been trying to pull myself up and keep going.

That said, a few things have still been going on in my life as a Fashion PR Girl.

I still write for the Business and Financial Times paper every Friday. Unfortunately, I don't get to share them on social media like before because I don't get the digital copy like i do. All the same, I hope you make time on Fridays to grab a print copy to read my column "Fashion and More with Faith Senam" as I share some insights on things happening in fashion with you.

Nadrey Laurent will be showcasing at Kampala Fashion Week this coming weekend. This new collection looks fantastic already. Have some few favorites already. And we will be showcasing at Glitz Africa Fashion Week as well. Follow @NadreyLaurent on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates on our shows.

Evangel Magazine Gamma Edition will also be launching early next month 8th October 2017 in partnership with Fountain Gate Chapel. Its theme is centered on "Compassion". How showing compassion to someone could make a difference in ones life.  Hope you grab a copy after the launch.

Women in PR Ghana will also be support the Trust Hospital launch its Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Tuesday 3rd March, 2017 at the Trust Clinic, Adenta Housing Down.

So you see, while things may look cool from the outside, work is still ongoing from the inside.

Thanks for stopping by as I update you on whats been happening in the life of a Ghanaian Fashion PR Girl.

Until my next post, adios

Wearing a Nadrey Laurent Bomber Jacket

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Sometime at Lusaka July 2017

Few weeks ago, PR Girl Media (Lusaka based PR and Events Company) invited Nadrey Laurent (formerly Totally Ethnik) to showcase at this year’s Lusaka July 2017.

It happened that I had to attend the event as the #PRGirl for Nadrey Laurent.

Love the beauty and energy the girls at PR Girl Media put into their event and really doff my hat to them.

The event was a sold out one. Zambian fashionista’s came out and did a massive appearance on the red carpet. They didn’t come to play at all.  Good fashion sense with great fashion show, loads of food and drinks.

This year’s event which was themed “African Luxury” really lived up to expectations with Special Guest appearance from Boity Thulo, South African fashion icon and media personality. From the red carpet appearances to the food, and drinks had the best of what a luxury event could offer. For the girls at PR Girl Media, they wanted nothing less than giving the guests an experience of luxury.

These socialites and A-listers, influences and celebrities showed up looking glamorous in their best outfits and also saw Africa's highest fashion on display with designers from Ghana, Botswana, South Africa and Zambia on stage.

The fashion show had some great designers such as Zambian based Esnoko, ChizO and Nadrey Laurent (formerly Totally Ethnik) from Ghana, Quiteira & George from South Africa and iZaura from Bostwana amongst others all showed the best of their pieces on the runway.

After the event, I had the opportunity to meet and chat up with these sisters who have become Zambian fashionistas and style influencers and were recently featured on CNN. Talked about many things relating to African fashion and also learnt a lot from each other. Wish them well as they put Zambian Fashion on the global map. I had a great time talking with them.

And then I found a great connection, the girls at PRGirlMedia (Chishi and Monde Nyambe) & MaFashio (Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda) are both sisters in business together. How beautiful it is to be in business with your sister. Cheers ladies, keep up the great work.

I did have a great time in Zambia and will keep the memories with me and hope to return sometime soon.

I will leave you with these photos…

Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda of MaFashio

Monde and Chishi
Costume by @Nadreylaurent

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Re-living Women in PR Ghana Seminar 2017

Speakers and Panelists -Women in PR Seminar 2017
On the eve of 1st July, 2017, I felt a deep joy in my heart, not just because we have been able to pull off an event for the first time but to see something that has been on my mind for many years come to pass.

Right from this day in 2015 when I blogged this first post featuring Millicent Baku, PR at WAEC, the event idea started. Few years down the line, Women in PR Ghana Seminar officially launched.

It started sometime in 2012 when I joined a Facebook closed group page called Women in PR created by Ange Collins where she spear heads a Women in PR Summit as well as followed her blog and social media pages. I became a fan of all those activities and wanted so badly to see same happening here in Ghana.As they said, there is no original idea on this earth, the idea to have a women in public relations event was born out similar thing being done in US and Canada.

I had always wondered and wandered; why wasn’t such events or organizations in Ghana. Five years down the line, this has become a reality. Then I knew it was close to impossible to organize it because I was a recent graduate, I barely knew anyone in the PR industry talk less of holding a women in PR Seminar.

On Saturday 1st July 2017, with the support of a great team and friends and people I call angels, we were able to pull off the maiden edition. In as much as I had very high expectations in terms of attendance because it was a niche event and companies were going to embrace it, it was a hard knack to crack. 

It was the first time so yes, doors slammed at us, people said No, heard the “I am Sorry words”, people changed their minds, people turned their backs, and the last nightmare was knowing one of leading speakers wouldn’t show up.

With a first event of close of 80 attendees, we could only be grateful. We had the likes of the President of IPR Ghana Madam Elaine Sam, Dr. Koryoe Anim-Wright President of African University College of Communications, Gifty Bingley Head of Corporate Affairs, Tigo Ghana and Cynthia E. Ofori-Dwumfuo (PR Business Leader, Ogilvy & Mather Ghana) all as speakers.

And had a panel discussion moderated by Akosua Ogyiri Kwafo (Communications Professional, Stratcomm Africa) will have panelists to include Joyce Ahiadorme (Sustainability and Community Affairs Manager, Voltic Ghana), Paulina Kuranchie (Head of PR Department, Ghana Institute of Journalism), Afia Drah (Head of Public Relations, Trust Hospital) and Fati Shaibu (News Editor, e.TV Ghana).

I am confident of how far this event will go to affect the practice of Public Relations in Ghana, build a great community of professionals and serve as a resource platform for many of us.

I know I have made my appreciation post on Facebook already but I will still want to thank everyone who believed in this idea and has not stopped supporting us to keep the flame alive.

We are already thinking about the next edition. Feel free to share your ideas on how we can improve and become better.

See you at the 2018 edition.


Speaking to the IPR President and AUCC President before the start of the event

Photocredit: Shotbyese & Faithful Spirit

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Totally Ethnik Rebrands to ‘Nadrey Laurent’

Totally Ethnik, one of the leading fashion brands in Ghana on the 30th June 2017 officially rebranded to Nadrey Laurent. Many have asked what inspired the Rebrand as they love Totally Ethnik anyway.

It became necessary at this time as the brand is gaining more global attention as well as making great in-roads onto various fashion markets.

So here is to why we did a rebrand: Totally Ethnik was established in 2013 as a home/interior d├ęcor company which later transitioned into a clothing brand. Overtime, we have had the feedback on the name Totally Ethnik especially when foreigners come into contact with the pieces, they expect the name to live what they see(must be totally ethnic). You know what I mean, must be african prints or completely African and be as ethnic and possible. 

Truth be told, our pieces are a mix of anything the designer is inspired by.  The designer doesn’t want to be boxed into making collections with only prints or African fabrics. She loves to have the creative freedom to express herself, hence we realized that the name “Totally Ethnik” was becoming a limitation.

Now on Nadrey Laurent; with a desire to have personal connection our customers, we decided to have a name that will connect easily with our customers as well as give it an international appeal.

Nadrey Laurent therefore is my love, my heart for Nadrey in a (local dialect in Cote D’Ivoire) which is also the name of the Designer's first daughter and Laurent which is also the name of designer’s father whose fashion sense serves as a source of inspiration to her.

So yes, we are now Nadrey Laurent. The name change was done together with the official opening of Nadrey Laurent Flagship shop in East Legon near A&C Mall same building as Hair Senta New Shop.

It is located on No.24 Jungle Road, East Legon.

Hope you will stop by soon to check out the place and our new collection below:

Visit to see more

Designer                              :              Marie Kipre
Models                                 :              Naadei, Kenza & Nii Otoo
MUA                                     :              Makeup by Asare
Photography                    :              KlassyFilms
Stylist                                  :             Sarah Ferdjani
Accessories                        :             Odara, Muggs Jewellery
Directed by                        :             Mareep Production  

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

While I've been away; The Life of a Ghanaian Fashion PR Girl

Photocredit: PRGirlMedia
I know I have been missing on my blog for the past month or so. It’s been a crazy season for me. I have had to triple my efforts to make these 3 events come to live. I will share a post for each of them in my subsequent posts.

Firstly, is the “Rebranding of Totally Ethnik to Nadrey Laurent” coupled with a new shop opening which took place on the 30th of June 2017 and then the “Maiden Edition of Women in PR Ghana Seminar” event on the 1st of July( organised myself and team) and then and finally my trip to Lusaka on the 6th of July 2017 for Lusaka July 2017 on the 8th in Zambia as the PR Representative for Nadrey Laurent.

Combining fashion and Public Relations has been one of the greatest career decisions I have had to make. As crazy as these 2 industries are, one needs to learn to be up and about all the time.  No off day, off hours always on the go. It's been exciting and fun moving from these 2 spaces in time and reminding myself that they are 2 different love(s) I have to deal with. 

I am going to share what these events are and how what my role was with you in my subsequent posts. I am sure you will appreciate and share your thoughts as well.


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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

#ManItUp: You shouldn't miss Accra Men's Fashion Week 2017

Its only tomorrow when our Men will take center stage in Fashion Runway Show at the 2nd Edition of Accra Men's Fashion Week happening at the Lifestyle Gallery, Spintex Road

When we attend fashion shows truth be told the attention is usually on the women. This time round, we want to pay attention to the men and we simply can't ignore the kind of energy they bring on the stage.

With a theme carefully chosen to get guys to #ManItUp and show off their best fashion and style, this year's edition has started off with various campaigns all geared towards a massive showdown.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening a 7pm prompt.

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

New Client Announcement: “Egudzi” Beads

Egudzi Beads
I am super pleased to announce that “Egudzi”, a young and emerging accessory brand has joined e'april Public Relations client list.

Egudzi is founded by Ewurama Ricketts, who is passionate about making statement jewelry for women desiring to experience elegance.

Egudzi is an indigenous handmade accessory brand which captures a woman’s distinct fashion persona.

These statement pieces are a must have for all and ohh Mother's day is around the corner, Something packaged nicely for mummy, mother-in-law, wife, or auntie will be the best present.

Simply place a call to them on +233 264040431 or visit their shop at Osu, Nyaniba Estate, Agbawe Road, close to Ako Adjei Park.

Make sure to also follow Egudzi on Facebook Egudzi Ghana and Instagram Egudzi Ghana.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April; The month of my birth came with its own goodies

Birthdays are special days for many people. Some choose to celebrate it in a special way while others simply let it slip by. Some say it’s an emotional day reminiscing about the past years and planning for the future.

Mine was one of a joyful one. At least some special friends of mine made sure it was so.

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday a week day and it rained on that day but that did not deter some of my friends to make my day a memorable one . Klenam and Yayra, ayekoo to you girls who made sure that day didn’t pass without some few glasses of drink and food. We made our way through the rain to AMPM, Villagio for our own private thing.

Day 2: 
On Friday night some old mates of mine from AUCC made my birthday another special one. Nana, Tamimu, Adiza and Klenam. I thank you so much for the drink up and time at Goldcoast especially to Nana/Millicent who masterminded this party.

Day 3: 
My girls got me down on this. It just wasn’t enough. We had a “Fufu Party” at my place after a long day combing the streets of Accra getting ready for the next day. Kate, Getty, Yayra, you ladies have been super amazing. Thanks a lot.

Day 4: 
The climax. After church we headed straight to Kokrobite for our own kind of beach party. Kuvuki was a beautiful and clean beach and we really had some wonderful photos to show that.


And Oh I got my cake and some bonfire and wasn’t spared some ponding to crown it all. Thanks a lot Klenam for getting your colleagues from work to give me that surprise. Kate and Yayra, thank you ladies as well for making the all the fun we had at the beach.

Many blessings to everyone for the best wishes, I sincerely do appreciate everything and wish you same in many folds.

This new age is a black themed year for its meaning of Elegance, Power and Mystery. We are taking on new territories, new adventures.

First, let's welcome May!

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